About the project

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26type is the online platform to showcase & discover typography works and evolve.

It's about a collaborative platform whose purpose is to create a place of exchange, sharing, research and broadcasting of the independent typography.

— Why Collaborative ?

In a context where the collaborative work of research & development spreads, by the birth of so-called Open Design platforms, to be able to pass on, to help in the creation but especially to make it visible & available is one of the key issues of the discipline.

26 type invents a space of connections and interactions between individuals fond of typography to give free rein to the dialogue and the exchange.

Make your works noticeable and available.

— Accessibility

  • All creatives are eligible on the platform, you just have to respect the file format for the good upload ( ttf / otf ).
  • After creating your user account, you can post, share, track and comment on creatives.
  • This gives you access to your wall that corresponds to interactions with other users as well as their activity.
  • You can set a price for your creations or drop it for free download.
  • Once on the platform creations are subject to licenses and terms and conditions of the platform.
  • See General terms and conditions

It's your turn,
made in good use.