How do I sign up for 26type ?

To sign up for 26type simply click on the profil_icon in the navbar and you’ll be asked to fill out a few fields, including your name, email, password and other basic information.

I'm having trouble logging in.

Please get in touch with 26 type support and we'd be happy to help you try to recover the account.

I have a 26type account but I don't remember my login info. Can you help?

Please get in touch with 26 type support and we'd be happy to help you try to recover the account.For security reasons, we cannot turn over account information or access to people who do not have access to the email address this account was registered to, so if you don't have the password or email access, the support team will need to verify your identity before helping you accessing your account again. 

I didn’t receive an email verification link for my 26type account - Where is it ?

Please get in touch with 26 type support and we'd be happy send you back the email verification.

How do I delete / cancel my account ?

Also get in touch with 26 type support. Thanks.

How do I change my password?

In your Account Settings to manage your email address and password setting.

Forgot Password: If you forgot your password that you use to login to 26type with, click here to reset it. 

How do I download a font ?

To download a font from 26type:

  • Click on the « + » Button to add a font in your cart.
  • Go in your cart page where you can see all the fonts you put in.
  • Click on the « Confirm » button, it will automatically redirect you to your order.
  • There you can download the file font.

How do I upload a font to my profile and publish it ?

To post a font to 26type, please login and do the following:

  • Complete all the fields to make your account on.
  • Click on the icon on the left in the NavBar (A^)
  • Complete the following field found in the AddFont Box.
  • A message has sent you to validate the deposit pending verification by our team.
  • In less than 24 hours your creation will be online.

Is there a limit to how many fonts I can publish?

There is no limit on fonts, although we encourage participants on 26type to focus on substance: quality, not quantity.

What is the Wall?

The Wall will broadcast the recent activity of members you Follow. You'll see new published posts when your creative network members publish new projects, update their fonts, make comments, or when a new person starts following you. In addition, you'll see the fonts that your contacts have recently appreciated, which is a great way to discover new work.

What does it mean to « follow »?

Every user has the option of "Following" other user whose work you would like to track. Your Activity Feed will display new work from the people you're following, as well as what they've appreciated.

What does it mean if someone is following me ?

If someone is following you, it means that this person likes your work, and wants to be aware on what you upload.

What fields are required before publishing ?

Before publishing, you must fill in the following fields found in the settings box:

  • Font Name
  • Keywords
  • Price / Free