26type is the online platform to showcase & discover typography works and their evolution.

Ilt’s about a collaborative plateform whose purpose is to create a place of exchange, sharing, research, broadcast and interaction in the independent typography.

As we are the Poscript generation, we believe in the creative commons to share knowledge. In a context where the collaborative work of research & development spreads, by the birth of so-called Open Design platforms, to be able to pass on, to help in the creation but especially to make it visible & available is one of the key issues of the discipline.

26 type invents a space of connections and interactions between individuals fond of typography to give free rein to the dialogue and the exchange.
Make your works noticeable and available.

No. Participation in 26type is free, and there are no restrictions on the number of typography a member can share.
In its will to share and open, 26type remains and will remain accessible to all lovers of typography who seeks to share or show his work.

You can sort 26type using several filters in the nav bar :

  • By profiles
  • By tags
  • By sorting
  • By rate
  • By height
  • By width
Not for the moment but if the craze is there i twill be part of the evolution.
If you’ve just posted a typography, be patient our teams perfom a moderation to check the validity of the file and put the news on line once a week on Monday night.

Of course you can and what you need to know is that all users who have agreed to deposit a paid font on 26Type accept that their creation be used for commercial or personal purposes.

On 26Type, all free typography are subject to Open Source licenses ( SIL Open Font License ) but 26type is not responsible if all the build script and documentation are not present.

The wall of 26Type lets you see a never ending list of typography that you can sort of different ways. You can find on top 4 badges that corresponds to categories ( TOP like, TOP Download, TOP like of the month and New ), you can also sort by profile, by tags (typography classification) and by badges.

You can click on a typography name to view it and then Appreciate or comments, the member concerned will be notified via their ActivityFeed.

You have to understand how 26type works, if your font is feature as the most like, the most downloaded font she will automatically be at the beginning of the wall.

It is your mission to ensure that your typography is also visible on other platforms that will generate interest around it.

You should also Know that spend 3 months without downloading your typography pass in the archive category.

Our team works on new tools to classify and showcase typography that have success or that are of good quality — This will be an important part of the evolution of the platform following its traffic.

First, to do anything on 26type you have to create an account.
To sign up for 26type, simply click on the user icon in the NavBar and you’ll be asked to fill out 3 fields ( Nickname / Email / Password ), then you have to accept terms and conditions and click if you want to suscribe on newsletter.
Then click on the Register button and that’s it, your account is created.

You can fully appreciate the features of 26type.
First, you have to connect your Account.
Make sure that the files you load are in the right format. ( TTF et OTF ).
Click on the « A »(AddFont) button in the NavBar.
Now a new page is open with some fields you have to complete.

To make your Typography free, write 0 in the price field if not write the price you want to sell it.
Make a description of your typography allow it to be more visible and better referenced.
You can also put a large number of style of your typography by clicking on the button « + style ».
To sell your typographies on 26Type, you have to connect your Stripe account to the platform in the "bank" section of your account and click on "Connect with Stripe".

→ You can create your account in 5 minutes and free to receive your money.
If you disconnect your Stripe account while you have paid typographies enabled on 26type, your typographies will be automatically deactivated from the platform.
On each typography, you touch 85% of your typography, 26type keeps 15% of commissions.

    Stripe also takes a commission on your sales:
  • For European bank cards: 1.4% + 0.25€
  • For non-European bank cards: 2.9% + 0.25€